We provide the plumbing that makes consolidated reporting of your business cloud applications possible.

Like all businesses today you’ll have a number of cloud applications that you use to operate your business.

Each of these cloud applications can provide you with reporting of the data that they hold. For example your CRM app can give you information on your customers and sales activity. Your finance and accounting app can provide reporting on invoicing and margin.

What is you wanted to know who your most profitable customers were? This would involve exporting data from your CRM and accounting apps, then merging and charting that data.

The OneHQ data hub creates a single central repository of all critical data from your cloud apps to make consolidated reporting a breeze.

OneHQ Data Hub is powerful but simple to use.

We can help you.

The plumbing for Business Reports

Often we’ll use our Data Hub as the service we provide our Business Reports offering from to get going fast.

Easy to use

The OneHQ Data Hub has a very easy to use and manage interface (if you’d like to do this yourself). You can add/remove cloud app data sources quickly and check the syncronisation of your data easily.

Support change

If you need to replace an existing cloud app with a different one, its a simple job to connect that new app to the Data Hub – no custom software or integration required.

Integration for the rest of us

Integration is a powerful word in technology but it often means custom software development projects that cost you money to maintain. OneHQ Data Hub gives you data integration without the downsides.

Get real support – by real Kiwis

Our people are both technically excellent and love working with your team to provide exceptional support.

Make cloud app integration an achievable objective with our easy to use tool. Lets chat soon; you might not even need our help to get started.