8 ways to make your business IT systems more secure

  1. Implement third party email filtering, the standard spam and virus filtering on most email systems is not sufficient for business purposes
  2. A decent managed firewall in front of your business network is critical. Don’t settle for the extremely limited firewall features of your ISPs modem!
  3. Ensure multi-factor authentication is in place for critical systems (i.e. If you use Office 365 enable Microsoft authenticator – its free and gives you a second level of account protection)
  4. Use long phrases for passwords instead of shorter passwords
  5. Make sure your data backups are tested at least monthly, and you get confirmation that a test restore was completed successfully. If there are any situations where data loss occurs this is a life saver
  6. Enable encryption on laptops and external drives so if they are lost the files are safe and unaccessible
  7. When staff leave the business ensure all their access to your IT systems is disabled that same day. Ensure your staff offboarding process keeps a record of all systems staff have access to
  8. Faked bank details on genuine looking invoices are becoming a top threat. Have a clear process within your business for when an existing supplier changes bank details which involves someone speaking to a known contact at the company to verify the change of bank details is legitimate