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Why Hire OneHQ For Your Law Firm’s IT Services?

Technology and cybersecurity is not just our job, it’s our passion. OneHQ aims to streamline IT support to meet the needs of our clients while saving them time, money and stress.
We understand that the legal profession requires additional safeguards to ensure legal and ethical compliance; the professionals that comprise our firm are certified IT professionals that hold themselves to the highest standards. Our supportive and experienced team is dedicated to our clients and their success.
If your law firm uses any of these Practice Management platforms we can help you:
Infinity Law, Lexis AffinityAction StepPractice EvolveOnelaw
We want your firm to thrive without the stress of cyber threats, outages or IT infrastructure issues. If you are ready for the innovative and proven IT methods developed by OneHQ please contact us.

Workflow and Process Mapping

If you feel as though your business is not operating at its utmost capability, our professionals can discover and recommend solutions that will automate aspects of your business and implement functional improvements that improve day-to-day needs.

Complete IT Managed Services

Complete IT is often a great choice for busy legal professionals. With this plan, we remove the stress of anything IT-related from your plate and handle it all. OneHQ provides limitless proactive IT support and we are available 24/7/365 to solve technical problems, both big and small.

Managed Cybersecurity

With confidential client information stored on your network and systems, it is crucial that your firm implement and maintain a strong cybersecurity plan and system. Our cybersecurity experts will oversee your current plan, provide recommendations with a risk/cost analysis, implement an approach and train your staff.

Comprehensive IT Assessments

IT support solutions should work to help your legal firm function well, not be a source of constant aggravation. A comprehensive IT assessment will help you understand what is currently working for your business, and what is not working. It can help your law firm streamline business processes, improve performance and cut costs.


As your trusted IT partner, we bring integrity and innovation to every interaction. Your Virtual CIO knows what drives your business and will work with you to ensure that the proper technology is in place to maximize your IT investment.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our IT professionals understand that time is money and downtime can cause substantial harm and loss to a law firm. Disaster Recovery, which covers both cyber and natural disasters, is a solution that replicates your current infrastructure onto a secondary backup infrastructure to allow for minimal downtime and seamless business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Due to the strict ethical rules legal firms must abide by, as well as the duty to safeguard confidential client information, it is imperative for law firms to have effective IT systems in place. OneHQ is knowledgeable, trained and certified to keep your law practice as safe as possible from cyber attacks.
Further, our Information Technology professionals understand the significance of downtime to a busy law firm. We provide a proactive approach to managed IT services and support, including constant monitoring and management of IT systems, Our preventative solutions help solve a problem before a crash – or limit the amount of downtime in the event on does occur.

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