Microsoft Azure

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft Cloud platform for applications, data, servers, security control and a ton of other offerings! Your move to Azure can be as simple as starting to use Azure Site Recovery and backup for backing up your on premise servers, to moving your servers fully into the Azure platform

Global platform

Azure runs on a consumption based model, so you pay monthly for your actual usage of resources. The SLA is 99.95% and Microsoft has Azure datacenters all around the world. The closest Microsoft Azure datacenter to New Zealand is currently Australia. Data can be geographically mirrored for redundancy


Need to access your information remotely? Have security and authenticity concerns? Microsoft Azure allows you to safely share and access data with secure sign on across devices and platforms via compliant Microsoft-managed datacenters that will protect your business and offer quality customer support. Azure has multi-factor identity authentication and access management features to keep your information secure.

Free Consultation and Demonstration

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Microsoft Azure Features

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Highly available and scalable relational cloud databases
  • Persistent and durable storage in the cloud
  • Standards-based service for identity and access control
  • Use familiar tools in new and exciting ways

Free Consultation

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