Reach your goals faster by leveraging the right technology in your business at the right time and pace.

We often find that our clients business technology systems haven’t kept pace with the changing needs of their business. They’re often stuck in a cycle of large capital expenditure every 3-5 years to update their technology platforms.

We understand; we’ve all got a lot on and its often not obvious how improvements to business technology can accelerate the goals of your business.

Most businesses are tied to a disruptive change process for their technology. Only revisiting technology solutions on a 5 to 10 year cycle usually when server and core application software replacement are due respectively. Whilst this used to be a sufficient pace of change, nowadays it means you’re not taking advantage of technology improvements that could be making a difference to your business (and your clients) today. It also means that those changes, when you do make them are likely to be highly disruptive and expensive.

There’s a new, modern approach that we’re fans of here at OneHQ. This is baking your business goals into a straightforward technology plan that enables you to make smaller, less disruptive changes to your business technology on a more frequently and predictable basis. 

This is why we’ve introduced our Digital Review process, to make those connections between the plans you have for your business and the technology you’ll need to achieve them – at the right time and pace. This puts you back in the driving seat around these decisions – without having to be technology experts.

We have a simple 3x step process that we use for our Digital Reviews with outcomes available within 3 to 4 weeks of kicking off the project.

1. The Workshop
We work together to understand your business metrics, goals and capture your already known challenges. We map out your critical business processes to identify the unknown opportunities for improvement.

2. Business Technology Requirements and Roadmap
Our team of experts come together, we document our workshop including your business processes in an easy-to-understand format and create a set of recommendations for action you can take to improve the use of technology in your business, along with the expect return-on-investment.

3. Presenting the Plan
We’ll take you through our thoughts and rationale. We’ll outline each step of the journey and how your business will benefit. We can start working with you straightaway to get technology working for your business – not the other way around.

We’re working with many businesses right now, using our Digital Review process to make technology work for them in their business – if you want to hear more about this please get in touch

— Warren