Technology offers businesses a lot of conveniences and ways to save money. All of that hardware and software, however, also comes with its own problems. Because of their inherent complexity, business owners rarely have the expertise to either prevent or resolve IT related problems in their business. Of course, many still attempt to keep things running on their own.

Most businesses, depending on their reliance on technology, and the amount of tech-literacy available in-house, need access to some type of IT support. Whether that means calling an IT professional at need, hiring in-house experts, or using managed services to provide 24/7 IT support is dependent on the type and size of the business, and the extent to which it relies on technology to operate. To determine what’s right for your business, it’s important to understand precisely why businesses need IT support.

IT support keeps your business running when you need it most

In the 21st century, all businesses rely on technology to some degree. Virtually every business in the developed world relies on electronic payment systems, and uses the internet to some degree to sell or market products, or to provide customer support. Others use technology to automate manufacturing processes, to manage resources, and to coordinate employees. The more the business relies on technology, the more IT expertise it needs on hand to operate.

Identify your business’ vulnerabilities

To determine whether your business needs IT support, and how critical that support is, it’s important to first determine to what extent the business relies on technology to operate, and how vulnerable it is to breakdowns. A coffee shop, for example, will be able to continue to do business if the WiFi breaks down. A marketing agency, on the other hand, would become largely unable to operate. Similarly, a cybercriminal could hack into an e-commerce site and render it inoperable, costing the business all of its revenue. A brick-and-mortar business in the same position would only be inconvenienced and potentially embarrassed.

All of these businesses need IT support to some degree, but the level of service they need —and the speed at which they need it to resolve their problems—differs. One aspect of IT support that virtually all businesses need help with, though, is cybersecurity.

IT support can improve cybersecurity

IT professionals don’t just work with businesses to resolve existing problems, but also to prevent future issues. One important way they do this is by providing cybersecurity support, and helping businesses to develop a customised cybersecurity strategy. Virtually all businesses process and store sensitive data about their employees and their customers, including names, addresses, contact information, and often credit card information.

While large businesses might have more data, SMEs tend to do a poor job securing their systems, which is why they’re commonly victimised by cybercriminals, who might target them to extort ransom, or to steal their sensitive data. Fortunately, IT professionals can often prevent breaches from occurring in the first place. They can work with your business to conduct a professional IT security audit, where they’ll first identify any vulnerabilities. They’ll then work to develop, manage and optimise internal systems, tools and personnel to properly mitigate the risk of a data breach. This also allows businesses to minimise the amount of data that can be stolen, while improving their ability to detect when a breach has occurred.

Particularly with respect to cybersecurity, all businesses need some level of IT support to protect themselves and their customers. To start your own IT security audit and find out more about how IT support can benefit your business in particular, don’t hesitate to call OneHQ on 09 929 1670 today!