Reducing complexity important right now.

Three big questions.

1. Do you have good visibility of your operational metrics?
It’s not just about the financials, it’s about measuring the key parts of your business that really show you where things are working or not e.g. sales conversions, processing times, order lead times, wastage, margins, customer preferences and behaviour etc

2. How much re-work do I have in my business, and how is that impacting on performance?
More automation drives faster turnaround times, better customer experiences and a more effective workforce, who should be engaging your customers, not completing admin.

3. Do I really know my customers and am I delivering them what they want?
Investing more in front line customer engagement tools can pay off big time, especially when supported with great service

Some of the major benefits I can see from right sizing the investment in technology have been to:

  • Reduce the complexity of your business, and with reduced complexity comes a higher level of engagement from both staff and clients
  • Creates transparency, when everyone can see what is going on, it is easier to spot the areas that are working well or not
  • Reduced costs, not just through reduced time and effort but through better timing and improved accuracy
  • Increases the value of your business. You would be surprised how much of your business IP resides in people’s heads and walks out the door when they do

You really want your valuable staff and resources being as productive as possible so leveraging systems and tools to remove re-work or inefficient processing can make a huge difference.

OneHQ has a number of offerings that can help you reduce complexity in your business. Get in touch with the team to find out more:

— Hamish