New Zealand’s First Lock Down: A Year On


It’s now April and it’s now been over a year since New Zealand first lock down. The borders have been shut, the travel industry has been hit and the video game industry has soured. The economy is almost back to normal and so is Aotearoa’s way of life. Though we must now wear masks on public transport and occasionally go into lockdown, as a team of 5million, we’ve all pulled through together to create this new normal, and we’re so grateful to you all.


Though we couldn’t ask all of you how you’ve endured the last year, we’ve asked a few of our trusty colleagues here at OneHQ, and here’s what they have to say:


How did the Lockdown make you feel?

Noora: The announcement was scary and left me feeling uncertain. I was in a new country, without a job and the future was looking uncertain.

Jon: My initial reaction was (while sad there was a global pandemic)- Awesome, work from home. Then I worked from home for 3 months — Getting back to the office was a luxury.

Phil: During the first lock down, I was working as an Area Manager for a Merchandising team. As well as suffering from recent personal setbacks and issues just before the lock down, I then had to navigate the whole uncertainty and stress of my team wondering if they had work, some who couldn’t work due to age and trying to keep the supermarkets stocked. It was a lot of uncertainty, but what I held on to during this time was that I was lucky to have a job and to be kept busy.


What helped you through it?

Noora: Would say the people around me and lady luck helped me get through it!

Caleb: It was a strange time but I really valued how technology enabled us to connect with colleagues, friends and family.

Steph: The companionship of my partner and the fact I could still connect with friends and family via video chat. Plus… Animal Crossing. They truly kept me sane.


Now that we’re in our ‘new normal’, what are you most grateful for?

Phil: I admired the integrity of many of the team who just got on, head down, bum up and did the job which gave me the ability to keep on. It was the Kiwi can-do attitude that really shone strongly during this time.

Steph: I feel so lucky to be in a country that’s done well. I only landed here from the UK in January 2020, so I’m very fortunate to be here, surrounded by wonderful people and a strong 5 million.

Warren: I felt incredibly proud of our team for adapting so quickly. Calving out space, energy and brainpower to work while coping with all the uncertainties and stress associated with a lockdown was amazing to see.

Jon: Seeing and interacting with my colleague’s face to face, in-person… Amazing. The idea of further lockdowns gives me a kind of PTSD but I’m happy NZ took the approach it did and I’m happy to be back in the office.

Noora: People around me were returning home so everything was in the open! Luckily, we all got through it and I was fortunate enough to stay in this country.


We all feel so lucky to be in New Zealand at this time and, each and every one of us at OneHQ thanks you all for helping us get here today!


If you or anyone you know has been affected physically or mentally by Covid 19, here are some resources to help you:,you%20have%20an%20international%20SIM.