Top Tips To Prevent A Cyber Attack


This morning we woke to the news of cyber-criminals attacking Waikato Hospitals. They had attacked numerous hospitals within the Waikato region, leaving just their emails unaffected. The work of these criminals has created ‘one of the worst days’ some of the nurses and doctors have had.

They were unable to send X-Rays between departments and unable to identify patients and their details. It just goes to show how important the use of technology is in a hospital environment.

According to statistics, there are over 30 million cyber-attacks a year throughout the world, so we thought it best to give you some tips to help you stay safe.

Keep Your Systems Updated

Security updates alone could be the most significant reason to keep your software current. As technology is exposed to the Internet, across the enterprise, your databases that store all of your product details are increasingly exposed to security threats. It is very important that you should not neglect any critical software updates. Using an unpatched/outdated computer is like living in a house with no locks on the doors, inviting unwanted intruders. When you ignore updates on your computer, you are choosing to leave your computer open to infection. Cybercriminals depend on the apathy of users around software updates to keep their malicious endeavour running.

Install Firewall and Anti-Virus Software

An effective, managed firewall will significantly reduce risk to your business. Without a firewall, your business could easily succumb to a cyber-attack, causing you to lose all of your important data. As such, businesses must be more proactive than ever when it comes to their cyber-security and having an effective firewall in place will contribute towards this.

Use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Most MFA systems won’t eliminate usernames and passwords. Instead, they layer on another verification method to ensure that the proper people come in and the thieves stay out.

MFA may seem simple, but it’s remarkably effective. Microsoft says, for example, that MFA blocks nearly 100 per cent of account hacks. This one tiny step could protect your security in a huge way.

Use a Managed IT Company

How can small and medium-sized businesses be expected to keep up with the latest development in technology at the time? By outsourcing your systems to IT managed services, you can leave the experts to address any issues.

Regulations and compliance are constantly changing. It’s difficult to keep up with the latest policy changes. By employing managed IT support you can rest peacefully that your system will comply with the regulation.