2 Factor security for your Key business applications

In recent months we have made a big push to remind clients that turning on 2 factor protection for things like Office 365 is a must! 2 factor protection effectively means that there are two bits of information required to log into a key system – One thing you know (a password) and one thing you have (mobile app or similar). It is rare for us to go longer than a week without hearing of a user who has had their account hacked but having 2 factor protection in place would have nullified the vast majority of these cases. Its straight-forward to enable 2 factor protection and is free for platforms like Office 365. So, no excuses – get your systems protected!

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Cyber Insurance

The percentage of businesses who have Cyber insurance is rising in New Zealand. This is an area getting much more focus from Boards that are sizing up the risks that face their businesses. If you are working through the process of having this type of insurance quoted, you must ensure you provide accurate information about your current IT environment. When this insurance first became available, the information requested by Insurance companies about a company’s IT environment was very basic, it is now much more comprehensive, and make no mistake – if you provide inaccurate information this could indeed threaten any future claims.

You should be very clear on what level of first-party and third-party cover you require. As with other types of insurance policies, the devil is in the detail.

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Microsoft Teams for phone calls

Everyone seems to love Microsoft Teams (previously Skype for Business). A lot of companies use Teams for messaging, video conferencing, shared file access, and collaboration, and its feature set is expanding continuously.

In other parts of the globe, this software has been capable of providing normal phone calls, but New Zealand has been left in the dark until this year. Using the reliable Microsoft Teams application on Desktop, tablet or mobile and being part of your business cloud phone system certainly has widespread appeal. We are currently in the process of rolling this out to our first site so watch this space!

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