5G Networks imminent – what this means for your business

Various network providers have announced that they will be turning on their 5G networks before the year is out. Vodafone has noted they will switch on a 5G network in December, starting in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. They have already launched 5G in other countries, and they have noted that it is innovative businesses and public organizations that are the real early adopters.

Spark has launched a limited 5G service in Alexandra, giving a small number of businesses access to their network which

5G is much more than the successor to 4G. Its approximately 20+ x faster than 4G, and should overcome one of the biggest drawbacks of wireless broadband plans on 4G which is the relatively restricted monthly data cap. These data caps don’t really work well given the typical monthly data use of even a small SMB. 5G should pave the way for plans with higher or unlimited data caps (as well as improving the speed and quality of connections)

In terms of phones that are 5G compatible, it will need to be new! The Samsung S10 is available in a 5G version, and there are other brands such as LG, Huawei, Xiaomi that also have 5G models. Apple don’t yet have an Iphone that is 5G compatible!

Where we see 5G being of benefit immediately in the SMB space:

  • 5G will be a much better backup internet option for an office compared to 4G, given the speed, reliability and increased data cap
  • Companies that have offices or users in remote locations who can’t currently get Fibre may be able to use 5G to achieve a fast and reliable connection once 5G coverage is available
  • Access back to servers and applications for remote users using a 5G connection will be much faster and reliable

4 New Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft has recently released some new features for Microsoft Teams, here is a quick summary of the top 4 new features

1. Meet Now – the meet now button generates and drops you straight into a meeting, you can then add others or share the join details

2. Pin a meeting participant to keep them in your personal view

By default Microsoft Teams dynamically puts the active speakers in the 4×4 meeting layout, but if you want to personally keep someone on the screen you can now right click and pin them. This affects your view, not the entire meeting

3. Filter your chats by name or subject

4. Turn on or off notifications for a specific channel thread

You can now turn off notifications for a particular thread, or turn them on for a thread you have not engaged in, or for a specific thread in a channel you have otherwise muted.

Just hit the three dots at the top right of the first message in the thread.

For any other tips and tricks get hold of our IT team!