Women In IT


The 23rd of April marked International Girls of ICT day, and to celebrate the girls and women in this industry, we thought we’d talk to the women of OneHQ to see what brought them into this space.

Talking to us we have our Head of Consulting: Alana Chong, Service Desk Analyst: Neha Pandey, Sales Administrator: Noora Marttinen, Consultant: Ruth Davidson, Business Analyst: Stephnie Du Preez and Marketing Manager: Stephanie O’Connor.

How did you get into ICT?


It took me a while to realise I analyse and I analyse things in a certain way – I process to analyse. I naturally follow (without knowing at the time) a BA process on myself and I was busy with requirements analysis on myself and my life… I then started matching my strengths with possible careers. Which lead to BA.


I got into IT because of my mum. She said the computer is the way of the future! It was 1982! I said what is a computer? She said it’s got a screen like a tv with a typewriter thing and you create programmes to make things work without calculators and humans!!! I said ok, I’ll give it a go! Since then, no looking back! We were called programmers back then, not developers! And many programmers were hired to automate accounting systems. Instead, I went into computer teaching!

I am from India and not many girls want to or are expected to choose an ICT Engineering line. But I was rebelled and wanted to do things that were’nt the norm. My parents were fully supportive of my decision but many relatives thought it was a bad idea. I choose the line of IT Electronics and Engineering which had 10 girls in our class. I graduated first in the class and excelled from there.

What do you enjoy about being in an IT role?

It’s interesting and different to what I’m used to (and an ever-growing industry).
The opportunities to grow and also use an array of different skills. I also enjoy being able to help others through my consulting and BA work.
I enjoy the variety of ICT. Throughout my 10 years working in IT companies, I have worked in; sales environments, social media environments and Marketing environments. I like that you can learn so many things under one umbrella.
Here at OneHQ, we have a diverse workplace full of people from all walks of life and from countries across the globe. We believe in equality and the need for women, men and all others in an IT company.
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