Hello out there!

We have been as stunned as everyone else with the impact of Covid 19, and our service desk went through possibly its busiest ever period in the first few weeks of lockdown.

We are fortunate to use a technology stack that allows us to work from anywhere, but like a lot of businesses we had a few logistical challenges such as dealing with any freight that arrived at the office when everyone was working from home.

Some clients have put IT projects on hold, and others have used this time as an opportunity to upgrade systems or more commonly – do some planning around the IT systems the business uses.

We are currently working through a project to upgrade the backup software on all client servers to Veeam. It has a range of technical benefits over the previous data backup solutions we have been using.

As of April 1, OneHQ is a dedicated technology company, and Accounting services are no longer part of our offerings. We have recently launched a new website which provides some information on our updated services, www.onehq.nz take a look!

April 2020 IT Update