Hello from the last few days of L3 Lockdown (we think).

Like most of you – the last couple of months has been the strangest time in our business history! As we fast approach being able to return to our physical offices, we recognize that there have been some learnings in relation to how we can work from home in a productive manner. One of the first things we will be doing is a full staff survey to see what the team did and didn’t enjoy about working from home, and which parts of their jobs were more (or less) productive than when located in the office. 

We have kept the full team at the wheel through Covid, and we expect IT activity to return upon business as usual resumption, as clients look to sharpen up their IT environments in the ‘new’ economy. 

One of our services which has provided particular benefit to clients through the Covid period is Business Reporting. Our capability to pull meaningful data from a wide range of Accounting, CRM, and ERP applications and put it into clear reporting and dashboards is going down very well and we are very proud of this work.