What’s been going on at OneHQ IT?

Welcome to another issue of our IT Updates newsletter. These newsletters are all about providing you with some insight into what is happening at OneHQ.

We estimate that 90%+ of clients have moved back to a full ‘work from the office’ model, with the remainder implementing a hybrid of working from home or office (but mostly office). Only a few months ago, the sentiment around this was very different, so it will be interesting to see what 2021 brings.

Some technology constraints that have impacted working from home safely and effectively for some clients is when users only have a desktop PC whilst at the office, and when working from home a home PC is used to connect to the work IT environment. With no controls and management on the home PC this often puts company data at risk. Many clients are moving to a model where they plan to replace end of life desktops with a laptop, which can provide a more secure method of remote working.

We are full steam ahead on creating PowerBI dashboards for clients, often pulling data from multiple sources to provide consolidated reporting. If you are still exporting data into Excel monthly from any of your applications to provide reporting contact us for a chat!

If our team can be of any support please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales team, the Service Desk. Our full contact details are here as usual.