You can trust us to migrate you to the Microsoft Azure cloud, safely and seamlessly.

OneHQ is an expert in Microsoft Azure cloud computing. You can trust our Azure technical team to move your data, applications and other vital systems from your onsite computers to Azure, or to move from another cloud environment to Azure for successful cloud-to-cloud migration.

Our process for seamless cloud migration involves a safe, secure transition roadmap to avoid any gaps or delays in services. Years of experience means we understand all the complexities of cloud migrations including; data stored and managed remotely by external organisations or in multiple locations.

OneHQ addresses your requirements for privacy, interfacing of multiple systems, application portability, data integrity, continuity of business operations and security.

You can trust that we’ll take your business to the cloud safely.

You can take advantage of these Azure business benefits and more.

We can help you.

Microsoft Azure

OneHQ’s team of Azure Cloud engineers and certified Azure experts can take infrastructure management off your list of responsibilities and enable your organisation to focus on application performance for end users. Backed by deep Microsoft Azure expertise and local 24×7 support, you can trust OneHQ to power the transformation of your business as you shift to the cloud.

The modern and flexible cloud platform for business

Microsoft Azure is one of the world’s leading cloud platforms, trusted by companies from startup to Fortune 100 size around the globe.

OneHQ Expertise and Management

Keep your IT staff focused on what they do best- producing real results for your business. Leave the complexities of cloud management and maintenance to OneHQ’s team of certified experts.

Scale to meet any need

The power of Azure and the tailored service of OneHQ allow you to dynamically adapt to changing business conditions and scale to meet any demand.

Get real support – by real Kiwis

Our people are both technically excellent and love working with your team to provide exceptional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many cloud infrastructure options, why does OneHQ choose Microsoft Azure?

OneHQ has been using Microsoft Azure (both for internal and client workloads) since 2014. We have also used a lot of other options, including AWS (Amazon Web Services). We have come to know the Microsoft Azure platform very well and find the upsides of using things like Microsoft 365 and Azure to be the best fit for our clients.

Which parts of a business IT system can be moved to Microsoft Azure?

When Azure first came available there was a small feature set. Now you can move almost any application, data, or server to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of modern, fast, secure hosting.

Where are data and applications that are put into Microsoft Azure located?

At OneHQ the majority of the Azure resources we have provisioned, are placed in the Microsofts Australian data centres. NZ is due to get its own Microsoft Azure data centre in 2022, so we will likely be moving those resources back to NZ as soon as that’s available, so we can leverage improved network performance.

Are there ways to minimize cost for resources that are moved to Azure?

Yes, absolutely! We have spent plenty of time working through these options with many clients. We are well placed to assist you with keeping your hosting costs in check.

Is my data safe in Microsoft Azure?

It is almost impossible to have data security levels equivalent to Microsofts. They are certified for government use, and many features such as high levels of encryption and network security are next level.

Is it cheaper to just put a physical server in my office?

This really depends on what you are trying to achieve (and what your data and application stack looks like)It has become very hard to compete witcloud hosting, as if its onsite you need to purchase the hardware, have it maintained, pay for power, space, deal with backups etc. There is also a 4 year (or so) cycle where you need to purchase new hardware.

Am I locked into a long-term contract if I use Microsoft Azure?

There are various options around this. In general, you can either use a pay-as-u-go arrangement, or fixed term of 1 or 3 years, both of which give you very large discounts compared to pay-as-u-go. We can work through this with you to ensure its optimized to your situation.

Microsoft Azure is an incredible cloud platform that works well with the rest of your Microsoft tools. We are Azure experts. Get in touch today to find out how Azure can benefit your business.