One place for sharing, meeting, calling, and collaborating from anywhere in the world (or the office).

Microsoft Teams is a complete collaboration and communication solution that accelerates productivity and teamwork by allowing users to meet, share and collaborate in a more open and fluid workspace.

Microsoft Teams is business calling, reinvented.

We can help you.

Microsoft Teams can replace your existing business phone system

Keep external and internal communication, along with instant messaging in one program or replace it with native Teams Voice.

File sharing and document collaboration

Easily shared among teams and team members.

High definition meetings and calling

Between teams or company-wide, with meeting transcription and screen sharing capabilities.

Integration with Office 365 suite

Making for seamless and efficient working throughout the suite of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many cloud phone system options, why does OneHQ choose Microsoft Teams calling?

OneHQ has used Microsoft Teams internally and we have been watching Microsoft upgrade the capability of this product at a rapid rate. As soon as business voice calling became stable, we moved to it ourselves, and have been moving clients across ever since. Microsoft Teams has now become a major part of our technology stack, and its very difficult for competing products to offer similar benefits.

What is the most important part of a project to migrate a business across to Microsoft Teams for calling?

Our clients have different reasons for upgrading to Teams voice, but the most important part of the project is to correctly scope the clients requirements for which features they wish to leverage, how to optimize hunt groups, IVR's, call attendants, so that customer phone interactions are modernized, and the changeover isn’t disruptive.

What licensing is needed so that I can use Microsoft Teams for all my business calling?

This depends on what current licensing you are using. We will work with you to ensure the most cost-effective combination of Microsoft licenses are used, so that you get the features you need, without paying for things you do not.

Can I use freephone numbers with Microsoft Teams?

Yes (both NZ and Australian freephone numbers).

Does Microsoft Teams transcribe voicemails into text so I can just get them in an email?

 Sure does, and this is one of the features that clients love. The transcription is not perfect, but its usable.

What else can Microsoft Teams be used for?

Microsoft Teams has become a central part of Microsoft’s 365 strategy. Teams integrates with OneDrive, SharePoint, has instant messaging functionality including presence, not to mention Teams channels, groups, and video conferencing. By the time you add voice calling into the mix it becomes a powerful piece of software which takes care of a wide range of requirements.

OneHQ can set you up with a teams phone number today so you can experience the calling capability and quality of Microsoft Teams Voice. Give us a call today for a chat.