We leverage globally recognized IT Security frameworks to protect businesses

OneHQ’s Managed Cyber Security approach has been developed from decades of experience troubleshooting, halting and remediating online security vulnerabilities, and dealing with security incident investigation.

Our highly skilled engineering team works 24 x 7 x 365 with the most advanced vendors, software and systems available to support or augment your organisation’s network security requirements.

OneHQ is capable of handling your entire network security, but we frequently partner with existing internal IT and security teams to provide the most efficient solutions.

Good security practice requires an end-to-end view.

We can help you.

OneHQ: Elevating Your IT Security to the Next Level

At OneHQ, we are dedicated to safeguarding your digital realm with cutting-edge security layers. Our foundation for this mission begins with implementing a globally recognized IT Security Framework, along with a curated combination of other products and services that are the cornerstone of next-generation security solutions. Collaborating with industry leaders featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports, we harness the power of threat management services to bolster our expert team. This synergy places OneHQ at the forefront of cybersecurity, in an era fraught with evolving digital threats.

Endpoint Security for the Digital Age

Our approach extends beyond your network’s boundaries. OneHQ leverages the network to proactively monitor your systems for vulnerabilities, ensuring 24/7 security coverage. If your EDR and identity provider isn’t being monitored 24/7/365 then your security guard is asleep! Our services encompass protection for local and cloud infrastructure. But that’s not all – we also shield your users in the online wilderness, providing advanced content filtering and anti-phishing services as they navigate the web.

At OneHQ, your digital security is our top priority, and we’ve got the modern tools and expertise to back it up.

Security; its a complicated subject. Let our team of specialist security engineers make sure you are protected and ready to respond to unexpected threats. We’re here for you 24 x 7.