Working Remotely Hero


Running an efficient workplace while your team is working from home can be the difference between your business surviving or thriving.

At OneHQ we’ve got a unique combination of skills specific to remote working that we use to get our clients working quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We’ve heard some common issues businesses have during their transition to working from home so we’ve built a simple, easy to use process to help you get going fast.

Some of the challenges we hear about.

We can help you.

Get into the cloud – quickly

We’ve dealt with a wide variety of business applications. We can move those quickly into the cloud for remote access from homeQuick on-boarding into online platforms such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

Connect – fast & safe

Providing secure connection options into existing IT infrastructure for fast remote access

Communicate – reliably

Migration of legacy business phone systems onto Microsoft Teams for true mobilityInternet options for both residential and commercial locations

Get setup – cost effectively

Supply of laptops and hardware to allow staff working from home to be as effective as possible

Get real support – by real Kiwis

Our people are both technically excellent and love working with your team to provide exceptional support

Having the right connectivity and support partner is critical in this day of always-on businesses. Lets talk today about how we can help.