Microsoft PowerBI

We can help you automate business processes to reduce repetitive and manual tasks allowing greater productivity for your business using Power Automate, or to analyze data from different platforms using PowerBI

Where do I even start?

Sometimes the solution isn’t as complex as choosing to implement a new system but can be as easy automating painful processes with Power Apps or another low cost/low code platform

OneHQ can help you automate business processes by using RPA (robotic process automation) reducing the need for a clunky new system that will do the same thing but at a much higher time and financial cost

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How does it work?

We will run a current state capture and requirements gathering workshop with you to make sure we understand how things work. We can look at one process at a time or multiple in tandem depending on your needs. 

We then go away and document your requirement then arrange a session to validate this with you before we move on to configuration and automation. Testing and deployment will follow and once complete, we can share the documentation with you. 

What do I get out of it?

We present you with technical and user process documentation so you can train your staff on the new processes. You can now enjoy your newly automated processes and look forward to greater productivity.

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You’ve probably been using the same technology and applications in your business for a long time. Your business isn’t the same today as it was when you selected that technology.

We can help you make a match between your business today and its goals and the right technology platforms to support it. We do this in a non-destructive way, making sure you invest at the right time to get maximum return.

The OneHQ team has a straightforward process to work with you to make a plan without consuming all of your time and energy (we know you’ve got a business to run).

Modern technology is a powerful business ally.

We can help you.

The workshop

Lets get together and listen to you. We want to know whats been bugging you. That big idea that could make a difference in your business if only you had the right tools at hand.

The plan

We’ll go away and get our thinking caps on, coming up with a high level plan. We’ll divide that plan up into stages that are easy to swallow and deliver the value you need at the right time.

It’s all about the money

We’ll take you through our ideas and plan, making any changes you suggest. We’ll tell you exactly how much the first step of the plan will cost and give you estimates for the following stages.

Lets go!

We’ll get started on the first stage of the plan, keeping you updated along the way. As we go along the estimates for subsequent stages will come into better focus as we learn more about working together.

If you’re happy lets do it again

Lets review the success of the first stage, make any tweaks we need to the plan including timing for any other stages and cost.

Give us a call today for a chat on how we can help you achieve greater productivity for your business 

It can seem daunting at first; replacing technology you’ve had running in your business for so long. It’s easier, safer and more cost effective then you may realise. Give us a call today for a chat.