One way you can save time on your personal and work-related searches is to learn some “secret” Google search tips.

These help you narrow down your search results and improve productivity by helping you find the information you need faster.

Search a Specific Website Using “site:” Type in the search bar site:(site url) (keyword)

Find Flight Information Without Leaving Google Just type in the flight number and the name of the airlines, for example, type in the search bar NZ0570

Look for Document Types Using “filetype:” Type in the search bar filetype:(type) (keyword).
Eg: filetype:pdf “jane eyre” will find pdfs that contain Jane Eyre

Get Rid of Results You Don’t Want Using “-(keyword)” Type in the search bar(keyword) -(keyword)
Eg: gossip -celebrity looks up gossip without the word ‘celebrity’

Locate Similar Sites Using “related:” Type in the search bar related: